Roquefort Cantorel

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SHeeps milk cheese from the caves of Cantorel, strong and salty. Perfect for sauces

£5.20 per 200g

Manafacturer: Birkdale Cheese Centre
Country of Origin: France
Allergens/Ingredients Milk
Milk Variety: Sheep
Style of Cheese: Soft
Vegitarian: No
Unpasteurised: Yes
For Pregnant Women: No
Storage: Keep refrigerated below 8°. Freshly cut and wrapped to order. Please eat within 7 days of receipt.

Roquefort is a popular French cheese, reported to be a favourite of Emperor Charlemagne. In France, it is called the ‘cheese of kings and popes’. This cheese is protected by AOC guidelines. Roquefort cheese is moist and breaks into little pieces easily. Genuine Roquefort is rich, creamy and sharp, tangy, salty in flavour. It is aged for 5 months. It is also mostly used in salads and dressings.