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The Birkdale Cheese Centre has been established in Birkdale village, Southport for over 30 years, and has always focused on offering a wide range of the best cheeses available.

Samantha Chatham took over the ownership of the shop in June 2015 and has continued to build on the tradition of providing high quality cheeses and related goods with a great service. Sam was born in Birkdale and still lives there with her family.

Sam, Linda, Megan, Liz, Deborah, Luke, Kieran, Mione & Kate will be happy to recommend, or to offer tastings to help you decide which is the best cheese for you! We can also advise on the best pates, crackers or relishes to go with each cheese, and help you to put a stunning cheese board together if you are entertaining friends or family.

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British Cheeses

Birkdale Cheddar

Total sales: 157 pcs. £4.40 per 200g



Total sales: 106 pcs. £4.70 per 200g

British Cheeses

Dewlay Tasty Lancashire

Total sales: 90 pcs. £3.20 per 200g

British Cheeses

Dewlay Crumbly Lancashire

Total sales: 89 pcs. £3.20 per 200g