Exchange Coffee – Kenya Peaberry


Peaberry beans occur naturally when only one bean inside the coffee cherry is fertilised, usually there are two halves of a bean within a single cherry. This makes the Peaberry bean rounder and roasts more evenly than regular beans. It has a lighter body than the Kenya AA, with a more citrus like flavour and a blackcurrant finish with a hint of spice. This is a coffee for those who enjoy the pleasant sharpness of African coffees and desire more of a fruity, winey flavour. The light body of this coffee makes it perfect for breakfast, when brewed in a cafetiere or filter and is best taken black or with just a splash of milk.

Please advise if you need the beans grinding and if so for which type of machine.




Occasionally products maybe unavailable, should this happen a suitable replacement will be made – if you do not wish a substitute to be made please note in comments we will then contact you to source an alternative.